• Our team of top experts operating a portfolio of over 25 digital products and a data factory filled with over 150 million customer profiles.

    Many years of experience have helped us to expand the range and move on to creating experience management tools and marketing operation models that ensure effective communication with customers.

    And we want to be in the spotlight and share our experience in the field of advanced technologies, neomarketing and simple development of a platform for processing client data with the whole world, spreading our knowledge and best practices.
  • ABRT is a family of companies building a new venture capital system. We integrate analytics, technologies, and capital to transform how true innovators create products, get funding, and grow their businesses.

    We created World of Genius to activate a critical mass of Geniuses who wants to create positive impact for the world. With the World of Genius, we inspire collective intelligence to solve the most important existing and emerging world's challenges.

    Together, as a collective Genius of passionate people, we can do anything including creating a harmonious future.
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discover your teammates' superpowers
This product enables you to discover, activate and grow your team's wisdom. Permanent leaders and one-size-fits-all personnel decisions are a thing of the past. A modern and efficient team makes everyone a genuine expert in their field. Every teammate is in their exact place doing the thing they can do best.

Team Wisdom helps:
- Discover your employees' strengths
- Build a team where everyone is in the right place
- Learn how to manage your team and boost efficiency
- Create an atmosphere of encouragement and productivity
- Make informed personnel decisions
- Help your employees click as a team
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